Besides industrial design there are many other professions involved with shape/space, surfaces/bodies and their framework of reference.
Sculptors, physicists, mathematicians, architects and engineers are all researching at the limits of the possible.

The labels "industrial design" and "product design" are vocationally-oriented terms promoted by industry, but do not satisfactorily describe the professional background of Felix Arnold.

Felix Arnolds interests are directed toward the concept of an object and its special properties. At the same time he is well aware, that technical skills are an essential prerequisite for product design.
Which is why the interdependency of material, form and function is of fundamental importance to his work.

Spline, nurb, shell and assembly are concepts invented by computer scientists to describe new virtual materials. The end product is determined not only by the weight-bearing properties and composition of the material, or by the skills of the designer, but also by the mathematical conditions and expressions of the CAD system which confront its users with limitations.

- The power of these tools, which were still new in the 90s, is reflected by the large number of products which appeared in this decade. -

Felix Arnold sees these tools as the chance to realize products which can not be envisaged without advanced modeling and simulation software.

Interaction with the computer enables special dynamic processes to be described and controlled to a high level of complexity.

With this in mind, it is easier to understand his past commitment to COR AG: he was able to use the most advanced tools and have a direct influence on how they were implemented and what they achieved.

COR AG was successful because talented people from a diverse range of professions were able to work in a highly motivated team in a constructive environment.
The result was a set of powerful and cost-optimized products. Felix Arnold thereby proofed he can sell something: an idea, a concept, a technology, a product, a corporate value.

Felix Arnold enjoys to invest his acquired technical and financial skills in United pds an organization with a special technological background, whose goal is to assist in creating and developing new products, which gain a substantial share in existing markets via available distribution channels.

Felix Arnold
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